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Hi. I'm confused. 1. Why did Tate write "Taint" on Violets wall?? 2. When Tate holds up his wrist for Violet in the first episode there's nothing there, is there supposed to be cuts there?? Thanks much love 😘 - edwardfluffyhands

1 Taint or means absolutely nothing , or it’s a pun (Tate + aint = taint) or he might wanted to wrote “tainted” (tainted love plays in that scene) but he didn’t finished.

2 Yes the scars are actually there, they aren’t very visible because they are very old. I’ll post a gifset of that scene so that you can see better.

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I was thinking that maybe Tate didn't have wounds because he didn't know he was dead - Anonymous

I think that the emotional aspect and the physical aspect are two dfferent thing that in this case are unrelated. Violet too wasn’t aware that she was death and she never showed any physical signs of her death, but I think this happened because her suicide couldn’t have physical manifestations not because her conscience somehow blocked the signs.

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate Alex’s twitter pics?

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for tate not showing his wounds, i think that's just something unclear on the show. dr. harmon doesn't have marks on his neck either. there were a lot of different things/characteristics in the first season that weren't the same across the board of characters i guess - satisfactoryvibes

Yeah you’ve got a point, probably it’s just a writing mistake and there is no big reason behind it.

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can you advice me some good music and artists?

I’ve run out of music to listen so some tips would be nice

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Hey again! I'm rewatching season one, and I'm on the episode where Tate gets killed. Any idea why he didn't have obvious bullet wounds? Everyone else retained their injuries as ghosts so I was just wondering. Accidental or on purpose? - idgie

Great observation, if I recall correctly every character that died in the house kept some his injuries for instance Moira kept the “creepy” eye and Nora didn’t have half of his skull due to the shot. We’ve even seen Tate shirtless and he didn’t have any sort of bullet wounds, honestly I’ve no idea because he hadn’t any injuries, anyone got a theory?

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when will freak show be airing?! I could not be more excited to see my baby Evan 💕☺️ - vamp1x

15 october =)

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Jessica Lange & Evan Peters | AHS: Freak Show [x]

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